Bushcraft 2021 – Day Two!

Everyone was awake very early on Thursday morning and raring to go! The day began with a full cooked breakfast followed by a lesson in first aid.

The class then went for a walk through the forest. Unexpectedly they came across the scene of a plane crash and had to use their first aid skills to rescue the pilot and passengers!

It was hungry work and so it was back to camp for home-made pizza.

After such drama, the afternoon was spent playing games and making survival bracelets. Everyone also had a go at whittling a wooden tent peg.

Dinner was fresh salmon which was prepared by the Bushcraft leader and an assistant! Four brave volunteers decided to try fish eyeballs which was very brave of them!!

In the evening, there was a countryside walk to see the Queen Beech tree. Then it was bedtime for the second night and this time lots of children chose to sleep in their home-made shelters.