‘Bee’ Day

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This week we held a special ‘Bee’ day to launch our focus on the 3 ‘bee-haviours’ we would like to build on in our school community this year.

The three ‘bee-haviours’ are

  • BE neat and tidy
  • BE polite
  • BE grateful

Here is a link to the poster –

We linked our work to the school logo which has been the hard-working, team player – the bee – for a very, very long time.

The children had a lovely day talking about what the three ‘bee-haviours’ should look like. They also made lots of bee posters and pieces of art work for display around the school. Over this term, we also plan to make a large 3D hive and bees model for the entrance hall with help of Emma Cox, our visiting Art teacher. In the summer we have organised a visit from a local beekeeper to celebrate all that we will hopefully have achieved over this year as we strive to be tidy, respectful and grateful for all that we have.