Anti-Bullying Week 2021

Last week was our annual ‘Anti-Bullying Week’ and we spent our time thinking hard about how to make sure that we all feel safe and included at Great Rollright School.

On Monday, we joined in the national initiative to wear odd socks to school to celebrate how we are all different and special.

The children in The Meadow began their week with a ‘One kind word’ conga in their odd socks around the classroom and the outdoor area. The short animation, ‘For the birds’ and the Topsy and Tim story about bullying led to lots of class discussions about what bullying looks and feels like as well as what children can do if they ever feel they are being bullied. The children made friendship cards for each other and one of the activities was to put themselves together as one big jigsaw puzzle to celebrate their own uniqueness but at the same time realise, they are all connected.

The Woodland Class watched the NSPCC assembly  morning and had a “circle time” chat about what bullying means, how it isn’t acceptable behaviour and what everyone thought good behaviour was. The children heard the story “The Odd Dog Out” which celebrates differences and being kind and then they designed their own “odd socks”. 

The Ocean Class discussed how quickly unkind words can spread, explored bullying scenarios and how best to respond and then wrote advice to victims of bullying.

The Mountains Class talked about bullying, completed some activities and discussed the ‘5 key kindness’ questions: Am I kind to myself? Am I kind to others? Are people kind to me? Do I understand when people are kind to me? Do I help people who are being bullied?

The week finished with ‘Children in Need day’ which the School Council decided should be a non-uniform day. Everyone donated £1.00 to come to school wearing non-uniform clothes which is always greatly enjoyed!