Anti-Bullying Week 2019

Every year we celebrate kindness and the value of friendship and inclusion, through our Anti-Bullying week.

Last week was our special week to re-visit our anti-bullying message and find ways to celebrate our uniqueness.

In The Meadow, the children made a special ring of hearts to show how they are connected through caring for one another. They read a story about how kind words and deeds can ‘fill a bucket’ and now the children have their own buckets and hearts which they can give to one another for acts of kindness.

In The Woodland,  the children explored the theme through ‘Superheroes’ and spoke to each other about the wonderful qualities they could see in their class.

The Ocean Class talked about the effect of our words and actions using ‘Warm fuzzies’ and ‘Cold pricklies’. They made pledges of kindness and are continuing to use the ‘warm fuzzy’ work to reward one another for acts of kindness.

Finally, in The Mountains Class, the children produced a ‘Tree of Kindness’ with their pledges to help one another and our school community as a whole. They also enjoyed carrying out ‘secret’ acts of kindness throughout the week to other members of the class.

Dotty made her own ‘Branch of Kindness’ and brought it into school to share her wonderful ideas with others.


The week was a wonderful opportunity for the children to discuss their feelings and to offer support to one another. It was also important to recap the messages around bullying; to make sure that all of our children understand how to keep themselves safe, what to do if they are worried and how we will respond if they are ever worried or upset.