A visit to the Gurdwara

On Thursday 18th May, all of the children in Key Stage 2 were invited to the Gurdwara in Leamington Spa for a visit. The aim of the visit was to show our children how people of different faiths worship and live their lives. It is really important that our children have respect for others and this trip was a wonderful opportunity to see inside a place of worship which has different rituals and traditions to the ones they see in Rollright every day.

The children wore head coverings to show their respect and removed their shoes. The visit began with a brief introduction to the Sikh faith and a chance to ask questions. There was then a tour to see the prayer space and holy scriptures before everyone enjoyed refreshments together at the end.

The Gurdwara is home to a wonderful community of volunteers who work tirelessly to support others. Through volunteering alone, they feed thousands of people, including the homeless, as well as providing all kinds of support and refuge for the local community. Their mission is to teach a tolerance of all faiths, respect for all humanity and bring people together as part of one universe.