Mountains home learning – week 4

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Please find this week’s optional activities below.

Year 6 only: this week would have been SATs week! To mark the occasion, I have made some ‘silly SATs’ papers for you to do: spelling and grammar on Monday (when the spelling and grammar tests would have been), reading on Tuesday (when the reading paper would have been), arithmetic on Wednesday and maths reasoning on Thursday. They are completely optional and just intended to be a bit of ‘silly’ fun!

Reading English Maths PE Other


This week we are going to use the ‘Talk for Writing Home-school booklet’ again as our English lessons. If you can print it off it will help, but you can do all the activities from the computer screen, too. Our English project this week is called ‘The Game’ and it finishes with you writing your own story on Friday! View and/or download the booklet here. You could create your own blog on Purple Mash again to make a new post each day with that day’s activity.

Today’s reading and writing task is to complete pages 3-10 of the booklet (Stimulus – The World of Jumanji, Get Plotting, What Do the Words Mean? and Likes, Dislikes, Puzzles & Surprises!).

To practise this week’s spellings, search either Y5Sum1-4 or Y6Sum1-4 on Spelling Shed.

Year 6 ‘silly SATs’: Today would have been your spelling and grammar test! You can download the ‘silly spelling’ here – you will have to spell 20 words. Luckily for you(!), I have recorded a video of myself reading out the spellings for you as I would do in school! It wouldn’t let me upload it in one go so I’ve split it into two parts: part 1 and part 2. I shall send you the password to access them on Purple Mash 😊 (alternatively, you can download the script here so an adult at home can read it to you instead).

The ‘silly grammar’ can be downloaded here – I have filled in 12 grammar questions and I need you to mark and correct them for me 😊

Today’s revision lesson is on short division. The code is fkf.

If you are struggling to remember how to do short division, this might help. If you need more help with division with remainders, this video might help!

Your alternative/extra task (remember you can do this instead of or as well as LbQ) is called ‘Division Time Travel’: watch the 12-minute video and complete this worksheet.

Joe Wicks Geography: We were supposed to be learning about trade this term! Follow this BBC lesson to learn about trade and economic activity including export and import, and supply and demand. There are 2 videos and 3 activities.

Art: Follow this lesson about optical illusions! You will look at an optical illusion artwork before creating your own. You will learn to shade in to show that an object is three-dimensional.


Complete pages 11-13 of ‘The Game’ English booklet (Let’s Think About the Text a Little More).

Year 6 ‘silly SATs’: Today would have been the reading paper! In this ‘silly reading paper’ you have a short text to read (slides 2-3), 12 questions to answer (slides 4-5) and then the answers are on slide 6.

Complete pages 14-15 of the English booklet (Now for Some Grammar – this activity goes onto the first 2 lines of p16 too). Today’s revision lesson is on long division (LbQ code to follow).

Your alternative/extra task today is called ‘Connections in Division’: watch the 11-minute video and complete this worksheet.

Watch the video and try some of the activities from Day 3 on Real PE (Jasmine active).


Password: westoxford

Science: Try one of the science challenges (up to p47) from this booklet! You can pick any you like, but these use the easiest-to-find materials:
#1: Changing States (p4)
#6: Expanding Gases (p14)
#9: Bright as a New Penny (p20)
#11: Inertial Eggs (p24)
#17: Scared Pepper (p37)
#22: Invisible Ink (p47)

French: Duolingo


Read your book for 30 mins. Complete pages 16-20 of the English booklet (Write Away!). Today’s revision lesson is on factors and multiples (LbQ code to follow). If you’re struggling to remember factors and multiples, this might help.

Your alternative/extra task today is called ‘Eggs, Teams, Masterpieces’: watch this 11-minute video and complete this worksheet.

Year 6 ‘silly SATs’: Today would have been the arithmetic paper and the first maths reasoning paper! Here is an arithmetic treasure hunt you can do if you like 😊

Try this dance lesson from Darcey Bussell. Computing:

Some people have requested a different activity for computing, so if you want to try something else, look at this BBC lesson about algorithms and debugging. There are 2 videos and 3 activities.

Art: Follow the instructions in the pictures at the bottom of this blog post to make a ‘secret book’ out of cardboard!


Read the extract on p7 of The Literacy Shed Stage 5 Comprehension pack (The Wexbridge Crier). Answer the questions on p8; the answers are on p9. Complete pages 21-22 of the English booklet (Get Plotting Again!). Remember not to write your story today – save that for tomorrow! Today, you’re just planning it. Today’s revision lesson is on the order of operations (LbQ code to follow). If you’re struggling to remember the order of operations, this might help!

Year 6 ‘silly SATs’: Today would have been the last test – the second maths reasoning paper. There are 10 questions for you to answer in this ‘silly’ reasoning paper!

Joe Wicks History: Part of our space topic that we missed was about the history of space travel. Read these fact cards and then create a timeline of the history of space travel – you could cut out the cards to use them or you could write/draw your own from scratch using the information.

Mindfulness: Learn how to do a card trick in less than 4 minutes!


Read your book for 30 minutes. Now write your story! See p23 of the English booklet – and p24 if you want to make it into a mini-book! BBC Week 4 maths challenges – these will be released on the day so I will send you the link then. #ThisisPE lesson 6 – jumping combinations. Try some of the activities! Music: Follow this lesson to identify pulse and rhythm. In the lesson you will sing and clap to the pulse and rhythm of a variety of different musical examples.

Art: I found a great YouTube channel called Art for Kids Hub! You can choose any art tutorial you want – however, I saw these four which I thought some of you would be interested in!
How to draw a:
Mermicorn (mermaid crossed with a unicorn!) (10 mins)

Shark folding surprise puppet (7 mins)
Belle from Beauty and the Beast (11 mins)
Greg from Diary of a Wimpy Kid (11 mins)


Wednesday’s art: